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The Best Top 10 Shark Helmets

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If you landed on this page chances are high that you are searching for the best Shark motorcycle helmets. And if that’s the case then you are probably already well aware that Shark is a producer of some of the highest quality, top of the line helmets in the world.

For the best Shark Helmets in 2017 we have compiled an extensive list of what we believe to be the best of the best. Please scroll down to see a comparison table of all our top pick Shark helmets!

If you want further details on each helmet we have in depth individual Shark helmet reviews for many of the helmets in this list. These are on a separate review pages. You will find the link to the individual review pages in each section describing that helmet.


Best Shark Helmet Comparisons

ImageProduct Name ColorList PriceRating
Shark Raw / Drak HelmetGreen$$★★★★★
Shark Vancore HelmetBlack, Green$$★★★★★
Shark Evoline Series 3 HelmetBlack Chrome$$$★★★★★
Shark Race-R Pro HelmetBlack/White/Red$$$★★★★★
Shark Speed R Pro Series HelmetBlack Red$$$$★★★★★
Shark Skwal HelmetBlack, Yellow, Anthracite$$★★★★★
Shark Vision Series R2 HelmetRun Black Yellow$$$$★★★★★
Shark S700 S HelmetWhite/Orange/Red$$★★★★★
Shark Explore R HelmetCarbon$$$★★★★★
Shark Heritage HelmetWhite$$★★★★★


With over 25 years in the impact helmet business Shark has become a major world contender in developing state of the art cutting edge impact helmet technologies and innovations. From speed racing helmets, to cruiser open face designs, Shark is a leader in blending helmet style and functionality with the safety and comfort you need. From maximizing visibility, reducing wind noise, increasing strength, and reducing weight, Shark is always pushing the limits of what is possible.

Below you will see a brief break down and explanation on the unique properties and features of each helmet in the table above. We dedicated a section to each of the ten helmets.

We have a range of moderately priced quality helmets that are affordable. And we have helmets all the way up to the highest priced Shark products made of the more expensive light weight materials. So no matter what your budget is you can find a Shark helmet that is best for you.


Top 10 Best Shark Helmets

Top Rated Shark HelmetsNow that you have had a glimpse of our top rated Shark helmet picks (in the chart above) we can explain a little bit about each one of these top of the line helmets. The review will go over the conditions and personal preferences each one is best designed for. Some have a single purpose uses and some have dual or multi-purpose uses.

Keep in mind that the best Shark helmet will ultimately depend a lot on your personal preferences. You have to ask yourself what you are willing to give up to get what you want. As with all helmets there are pros and cons to each one of these types. Some of the pros and cons have to do with price. And still others have to do with trading safety levels for more comfort or visibility. So let’s get into it.



Shark Raw (Drak) Helmets

This is one of the most unique helmets made by Shark. With its bold “Streetfighter” Cobra commander inspiredShark Raw Drak Soyouz Helmet Matte Green front front view design as one of its most appealing aspects.

Surprising to many people is that this is actually an open face helmet. Yes you heard that right. This is actually rated a ¾ open face helmet. Yes it looks like a full face helmet but it’s not. The polyurethane chin guard and goggles are removable enabling you to turn this into a dual purpose helmet.

It is designed for the urban biker enthusiast who likes a helmet that can provide protection from the elements, while at the same time is capable of transforming into an open face cruiser.

The Shark Raw helmet will fit head shapes that have a more neutral to round oval shape, with a wider circumference of a head. If you have a more extreme long oval shape head this helmet may not be the best fit for you.

For a more detailed Shark Raw Helmet Review click here. There are more Shark Raw styles and colors to choose from on the full review page, as well as more detailed info on sizing and head shape for this helmet.

Shark Raw Drak Buy on Amazon

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Shark Vancore Helmets

This is essentially the same (or as close as you can get) to the type of helmet design as the Shark Raw series. Except that the chin guard is NOT Vancore Shark Helmet front viewremovable. This is a full face helmet, unlike Shark Raw. Therefore the Shark Vancore offers more protection in the event of a crash than the Shark Raw.

This is an example of the pros and cons we mentioned above. So in a Shark Raw verses a Shark Vancore comparison this is something to consider. If you are not willing to give up safety for comfort, and you feel like the chin protection is more important, the Vancore helmet might be a better choice for you than the Shark Raw.

The main appeal for many people with the Vancore series of helmets is its super lightweight, unique style, and the removable – quick release anti fog, high visibility goggles.

This helmet is excellent for long periods of riding. The goggle optics are designed for excellent visibility, comfort, and ventilation.

The rest of the helmet is designed for plenty of air flow up underneath and on top the helmet to keep you face and head fresh. And as mentioned the extreme light weight makes it great for longer distance riding.

As with all newer Shark helmets it has the built in capability for the Bluetooth “Sharktooth” technology.


Buy Shark Vancore From Amazon


Shark Evoline 3 Pro Modular Helmets

This is a full faced modular helmet that looks great, is functional, and is DOT and ESE safety compliant. The modularShark Evoline 3 Mezkal Mat Helmet side view design allows you to have the protection of a full face helmet but with the benefits of an open face option.

Most modular helmets are NOT designed to worn open. The Shark Evoline 3 Pro is one of the few modular helmets that you can wear open due to its ability to flip the chin guard all the way to the back of the helmet placing behind your head. So there is no wind drag when the chin guard is open.

Another benefit to this Shark helmet is its shape. It is an intermediate oval shape meaning that most people will able to fit comfortably into this motorcycle helmet.

What are some other benefits of this helmet? For one thing it has a retractable sun visor. It also has eyeglass friendly cheek pads that allow you to comfortably wear glasses inside the helmet. Another major appealing factor is the built in OEM Bluetooth ready Sharktooth connectivity (sold separately).

Overall this is a very cleverly designed helmet that allows you to get the best of both worlds for safety and comfort.


Evoline Carbon White Black Side View Helmet

Buy Shark Evoline From Amazon


Race R Pro Carbon Shark Helmets

If you are looking for the best of the best Shark helmet this is it. The Race R Pro is the top of the line helmet that Race R Carbon Pro Helmet red side viewthe pros are wearing who use Shark helmets. This is a racing helmet built for use in the racing tuck position. It is a super aerodynamic and light weight design. In other words it is built for pure speed.

The Shark Race R Pro fits a more neutral oval and slightly more round head shape best. So not too oval and not too round. Again this shape fits most people.

One of the main benefits to this helmet (as opposed to other similar types of brands) is the insane amount of air ventilation from the intake valves. There are SIX intake valves, some of which can be open and closed. This is a very well ventilated racing helmet built to minimize fatigue and maximize speed!


Race R Pro Shark Helmet Front View

Buy Shark Race R Pro From Amazon


Shark Speed R 2 Pro Series Helmets

Very similar in a lot of ways to the Race R Pro, the Shark Speed R 2 Pro is also built for speed. But is a step down in the weight of the materials it is constructed of when compared to the Race R Pro. However the shell is still a VERY strong composite (at the upper end of impact resistance) although not as strong as the Race R Pro.

With many of the same best features you see on the Race R Pro this helmet is more of an all-around sport helmet that is designed to be used in a variety of different speed tuck positions.

Best for intermediate oval head shapes. Which means again this helmet will fit most people well.

With the lower cost of shell construction materials it comes in at a slightly lower price point. So if you have a lower budget but still feel the need for speed this may be the perfect high impact speed helmet for you.

 Speed R Shark side view helmetBuy Shark Race R Pro From Amazon


Shark Skwal Helmets

The Shark Skwal is a perfect example of the new innovation coming from Shark. It has a light weight but strong allShark Skwal Dharkov Black Violet around use poly-carbonate shell construction which carries the DOT and ECE standards for impact.

One of the main attractive features of this helmet is its integrated use of LED lights that can be set with the touch of a button on the underside of the helmet to either light up or flash. This is based on the concept of creating greater visibility, and thus greater safety in dark conditions. The LED lights are battery powered with a replaceable battery that offers up to 15 hours of use.

This is a best fit for intermediate to oval shape meaning it is longer front to back. That means it is not overly round or overly oval. It is an “intermediate” oval shape and universally shaped to fit most people.

So if you are looking for a more affordable mid-price range helmet, but don’t want to sacrifice safety or quality, this might be the right choice for you. Shark Skwal is taking a lot of the premium features in some of the more expensive Shark helmets (like the Speed R) and combining them inside a sport helmet that can be used in the tuck or upright position. So this is basically an all-around use motorcycle helmet designed to accommodate a more affordable price point while giving you a lot of the same benefits of the more expensive models.
Shark Skwal Dharkov
Buy Shark Skwal From Amazon


Shark Vision R Series 2 Helmets

Out of all the Shark Helmets the Vision R Series 2 is probably the most universal helmet that can be a fit for a Shark Vision R S2 Syntic Helmet -White Black Red side viewwide range of activities and head shapes. The design and technologies used in this helmet are not overly geared toward the race track but can appeal to most riders. So we are talking about the fit shape, functionality, and the riding positions you can use it for. Whether you are a sport or touring rider this helmet might appeal to you most if you are looking for a premium helmet at a much lower cost.
The shell is constructed of a reasonably light weight fiberglass material with an ECE 22.05 safety rating. This product like many Shark helmets is designed to best fit intermediate oval shaped heads and so can fit most heads. As one of the most universal helmets it has a range of 6 different cheek pad sizes to provide a more custom fit.

Shark Vision R Series helmets come pre-disposed with built in cutouts offering the ability to add Sharktooth Bluetooth accessories connections.

One other cool feature is a removable segment inside the cheek pads that make a comfortable space for eyeglasses. All Shark cheek pads have this feature.

Buy Shark Vision R From Amazon


Shark s700 S Helmets

The Shark s700 series of helmets falls within the same “sport” helmet category that many of the other helmets in Shark s700 Helmet side view whitethis article fall under. This helmet is a step down from the Speed R Pro and constructed of a poly-carbonate shell construction.

So if you are looking for an extremely low priced helmet which is both ECE and DOT rated this might be the one for you. As with all Shark helmets you are getting a lot of value for your money. But especially with a helmet at this price it is not common to have both DOT and ECE rating.

One nice feature of this helmet is the quick release side button that allows for a fast and easy shield changing method.

This helmet comes in at one of the LOWEST price points so it does not offer the greatest impact protection that are available in other higher priced Shark helmet models. But it meets basic safety standards and is an affordable solution if your budget is tight.

 s700 Shark White motorcycle helmetBuy Shark s700 helmet From Amazon


Shark Explore R Carbon Helmet

The Shark Explore R is a truly unique concept design helmet. The style takes a lot of the look of the Vision R series Shark Explore R Carbon helmet front viewbut with a FULL carbon fiber shell, and a dual configuration mode.

Basically you can use this equally as well for street riding and off road conditions. With an interchangeable optically correct goggle or visor setup you can easily switch uses. This is one of the only (if not the only carbon fiber version of a dual-sport helmet available on the market.

This mid-priced range helmet is both DOT and ECE certified for safety.

Fit shape is intermediate to neutral oval. It is slightly longer from front to back. So the profile is more on the round side.

There are a ton of features that are packed into this helmet. It gives enough of an aerodynamic profile so that you can ride it in the tuck positions at speed. And we love the amazing look of the polished carbon fiber. It is one of the most attractive and functional dual-sport helmets we have found anywhere.

Carbon Explore R Shark Helmet black side view
Buy Explore R Carbon helmet From Amazon



Shark Heritage Helmets

This is the alternative style true open face ¾ helmet to the Shark Raw. If you want that bad ass streetfighter look you go with the Raw. If you are more of a classic Harley Davidson cruiser kind of guy, you might want to check out the Shark Heritage. This is a premium open face helmet that comes in at a lower price point than the Shark Raw.

The Heritage comes with a lot of the same premium features as most Shark helmets. It fits a rounder head shape best. If you are on the more oval side this may not be the best fit for you.

There are no cheaply constructed Shark helmets. Even with the lower priced models you are going to get a lot of value, safety, and comfort for your money.

One nice feature of this ¾ helmet is the flip down visor. You can comfortably and stylishly show off this helmet wearing both sun glasses or eyeglasses.


Buy Shark Heritage helmet From Amazon


This brings us to the end of the top 10 Shark Motorcycle helmet review. As you can see there are a ton of different high quality helmet models and styles made by Shark that can suit any taste or budget.

Shark Raw (Drak) Helmet
Shark Vancore Helmets
Shark Evoline 3 Pro Helmet
Shark Race R Pro Carbon Helmet
Shark Speed R 2 Pro Helmet



These are our top ten helmets picks for the Shark brand. As our best picks they all get 5 stars from us.

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